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About Me

Born in Liverpool and predominantly self-taught, I have dedicated my life to painting and studying art.

I started to paint seriously at a very early age.

I first came across the NFT space in early 2021. I am constantly inspired by the art that is being created in the space, artists pushing the boundaries and breaking the traditional rules. It was an easy decision for me to jump straight in and start experimenting.

I am currently working on a new body of work, ‘FRESH PAINT’. A fresh, unrestrained, experimental, collection that has evolved from a period of retrospect and transition. Created in a more expressive style, these paintings are triggered by current events, memories, nostalgia & intuitive inspiration. This is a very personal body of work. In my youth, I was quite the rebel and a risk taker. I suppose that I still am. This curious nature does not disappear, it matures and morphs, changes but still exists. That is what I am trying to find in my work, an ever-changing flow. I am moving forward in time, carrying fragments of everything with me as I travel. I do not know exactly where the destination is, but that is the driving force in this case.


My current collection can be found at 

ART Reflects the PATTERN of my Life.

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